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Re: db Stored on Disk???

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, John P. Wilson wrote:

> Pardon an ignorant question, but are there good implimentations of
> storing a MOO db on disk?  I know the MOO sucks up a big portion of
> RAM.  What has been/will be done to help reduce the impact on system
> RAM?

For lambdaMOO, Gustavo@BioMOO developed the File Utilities Package.  It 
lets you, as a wizard on your MOO, have limited access to files on disk.  
(I may be wrong in my spelling, but I think it's at ftp  While it doesn't allow the server to create a swap 
file for unused objects, it does allow you, as the MOO's wizard, save and 
retrieve text to/from disk, such as help documents, mail, anything that 
takes up a lot of RAM and could be better handled on disk.  How 
effecient this is depends solely on how well you impliment a system that 
uses it.. at the ftp site I gave you, there's a support directory for 
items already written for it, including an explanation on how to store 
your help documents on disk, and a little verb I wrote, size, that's akin 
to the UNIX du command.  (You can set an optional third argument, 
verbosity, that controlles how much info is sent to the player, if 
anything).  More cool verbs and objects are on their way.


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