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Re: Purpose of this list

>>>>> "Pavel" == Pavel Curtis <> writes:

    Pavel> OK, folks, enough discussion of the relative benefits of
    Pavel> various OS and other lifestyle choices.  This mailing list
    Pavel> is *only* for *directly* MOO-related discussions, so let's
    Pavel> all keep it to that.  If you feel that you simply *must*
    Pavel> follow-up an off-topic message, you have two choices: --
    Pavel> Don't.  -- Use private email.  Yours in hopes of more
    Pavel> focused content on the list,

    Pavel> 	Pavel

Sorry Pavel... I think I may have started this mess when I made a
somewhat gouging but tongue in cheek remark about Linux in reply to a
dos-moo posting.  I have repented of my evil ways (not my Linux ways;
just my wise cracking ways) and shall try to abstain from such
conflagratory remarks in the future.  I did not intend to start such a

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