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[SERVER, FUP] Re: db Stored on Disk???

>>       Is is possible for you to look up that ftp site name or number
>>       for me as I currently get unkown host errors, I would like
>>       to get your verbs and the file utilities package.
>Sorry about that.  I had a feeling I was giving you a bad host name.  I
>couldn't find the host name, but BioMOO's IP is  Ftp to
>there, and hunt around, you won't have any problem finding FUP.

FUP can be found at:

The IP provided by Phantom is correct.
Current versions of FUP are 1.7 for MOO 1.7.8p4, and 1.7 for 1.7.9p1.
I have received many good suggestions from various people, mainly Alex
Stewart, for improving it and making it less OS-dependent (further
suggestions are welcome).
Currently, work on FUP is stopped, due to severe RL time constraints - I'm
finishing the writeup of my master's thesis right now, and preparing the
material for publication... When this is behind, we'll bring FUP up to
date, including a 1.8.0-compatible version.
For those interested, we have a very silent LISTSERV mailing list,, which is supposed to discuss FUP by and large.

Btw, does anyone remember that wild notion from the old days, of adding
tags to subject lines of messages to the MOO-cows list?

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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