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Re: [SERVER] Re: db Stored on Disk || DOSLPMOO

At 7:54 AM 12/21/95, ThwartedEfforts wrote:
>At 01:54 PM 12/20/95 PST, Matt Pauker <> wrote:
>>LPMOO, a disk-based implementation of MOO running on the DGD server, has a
>>specifiable setting controling the amount of swapping to disk that will
>>occur.  This allows you to use as little or as much RAM as you want.
>>LPMOO is available at:
>Is there going to be a version of DGD/LPMOO out for DOS anytime soon, or am
>I just going to have to use UNIX for everything?

There isn't currently a DGD implementation (As far as I know) for DOS - The
current implementations are for UNIX, Mac, and Atari.  If someone were to
port DGD to DOS, you might be able to convince Rob to do an LPMOO port
(Don't quote me on this).  But without DGD, LPMOO can't run, so I guess the
answer is no.  Sorry. :(

Matt Pauker

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