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Re: Gopher MOO Question

The gopher code contains tab characters.  I have found that porting the
gopher with tf does not retain those tabs.  They are only blanks.  Using
EMACS to do the porting job worked.  

It is quite possible that that other tools will retain the tabs, but I have
not used them.


>I did pose this question before, but may be I didn't frame it right.
>The Gopher Utlities on my MOO is not functioning properly.....
>When ever I goto a gopher site, I only get somthing like this ->
>2.  (menu)
>3.  (menu)
>4.  (menu)
>The name/title of the menu is not shown. 
>I found out that the value of desclines property also does not contain 
>the name/title of menu' looks like this ->
>desclines: {"1. ", "2.  (menu)", "3.  (menu)", "4.  (menu)", "5.  
>(menu)", "6.  (menu)", "7.  (menu)", "8.  (menu)", "9.  (menu)"}
>Could someone please tell me what/where there is a problem.
>--Madhu Rao
>(George Mason University, Virginia)


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