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On Sat, 23 Dec 1995, Marc van Grootel wrote:

> Here's what happened to me:
> I tried doing some building with the MS-DOS MOO
> only created a few objects and everytime the object number hit
> #100 BOOM!
> This is the abacadabra my 486 (16Megs) gave me:
> You now have p with object number #99 and parent generic thing (#5)
> @create $thing named q
> Unsupported INT 0x0d
> General Protection Fault at eip=3c2d

This means that for some reason, the computer was trying to access memory
reserved for the operating system. (Usually a Memory Over-run)

> eax=0054a5e6 ebx=00000000 ecx=00014029 edx=000aee91 esi=0054a5e6 edi=ffff0000
> ebp=7ffffa24 esp=7ffffa10 cs=d8 ds=48 es=48 fs=48 gs=48 ss=48 cr2=0000b35c

This is your Register Dump for the 80x86 register set.

note your edi (otherwise known as di) register is set to ffff0000

this might be a little high even for a 16Megger.

better do a mem/c to see how much memory you really have for this 

> Call frame traceback EIPs:
>   0x00003c2d

This is the address that it tried to access (The illegal one)
It looks like a wrap around address, where the Segment has been zeroed
due to an overflow of an ffff segment addresss.

In short.... you ran out of memory.

> BTW I was not running under Windows this time

no swap file..... may have tried to checkpoint.

instant crash.



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