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probs w/MOO on BSDI?

DreaMOO was recently relocated to a BSDI machine, and since then I've had 
no end of problems.  First it was just memory stuff, so we added more 
RAM.  Now I'm just getting random shutdowns/sig11's, like this:

Dec 25 22:56:32: CHECKPOINTING on ...
Dec 25 22:56:49: *** PANIC: Caught signal 11
Dec 25 22:56:49: PANIC-DUMPING on ...

(it never finished that dump, just spun off into nowhere, sucking up cpu 
and not writing anything to the db file, until I kill -9'ed it.  
sometimes the dumps are good, sometimes not.)

Is MOO just inherently not stable on BSDI machines?  Or maybe I've missed 
some patch somewhere, we're using 1.7.9p2 though.  Any advice would be 
greatly appreciated.  DreaMOO previously was running 1.7.9p2 on our HP 
here, with weeks of uptime with no problems or crashes, so I'm wondering
if it could be an OS incompatibility somewhere...

We are running with non-forking checkpoints, also.  But these crashes 
don't always seem to occur during a checkpoint... I can't tell any real 
pattern to them.

-Jackie Hamilton


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