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Re: Two 1.7.9p2 Bugs

James Renken writes:
> 1. The command history in case of panics function will list the connect
>    string with a password if someone connected recently.

This is not a bug; *every* part of *all* commands since the last successful
checkpoint will be listed in the log.  Caveat Emptor.

> 2. I experienced the following crash on an Amiga 3000 running NetBSD/amiga:
> Dec 24 02:12:57: *** PANIC: Caught signal 11

I'm afraid I can't help unless I have more information about the crash.  If you
can reproduce it reliably and tell me what you're doing to make it happen,
that's useful.  Alternatively, use a debugger on the core file the server makes
when it panics and get it to print out a stack backtrace and send that to me.



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