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What happened to the debug flag?

The following just doesn't seem right....  (From 1.8.0alpha2)

> @show me:moveto
Object #2 does not define that verb, but its ancestor #57 does.
Owner:            Brian (#2)
Permissions:      rx
Direct Object:    this
Preposition:      none
Indirect Object:  this
> ;player:moveto(player)
#57:moveto (this == #2), line 4:  Recursive move
... called from #-1:Input to EVAL, line 3
... called from built-in function eval()
... called from #58:eval_cmd_string (this == #2), line 17
... called from #58:eval*-d (this == #2), line 9
(End of traceback)

A -d verb generating a traceback?  This can't be right.  I didn't notice
anything in ChangeLog.txt about this flag being changed, but I recall
reading elsewhere that the debug flag would be changed in version 1.8.0.
Is this a documentation oversight or a bug, or did I not spend enough
time reading the release notes?


   Brian Buchanan
-= ArchWizard of Digital Wasteland MOO ( 8888) =-


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