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Re: 1.8.0alpha3 delete_verb() bug and patch

NA>I noticed this and was about to write on this list, but it looks
NA>like someone beat me to it.  However, I would suggest the following
NA>patch instead:

NA> Replace the following code in the bf_delete_verb() function in verbs.c:

NA>     if ((e = validate_verb_descriptor(desc)) != E_NONE)
NA>         /* Do nothing; e is already set. */

NA> With the following code:

NA>     if ((e = validate_verb_descriptor(desc)) != E_NONE);
NA>         /* Do nothing; e is already set. */

Close, but that code has no effect other than setting e based on the
function call.  I think Pavel had it inside an if statement for a reason.
The correct fix should be the change above, and in addition, an 'else' should
be placed before the 'if' on the next line, like so:

if ((e = validate_verb_descriptor(desc)) != E_NONE);
    /* Do nothing; e is already set. */
else if (!valid(oid))

Which accomplishes the same task as the first patch I posted, but
looks better. (I had intended to do this at first, but I had forgotten
proper C syntax(too much MOO programming, I guess), and had omitted the

... Syntax?  Why not, they tax everything else!
   Brian Buchanan
-= ArchWizard of Digital Wasteland MOO ( 8888) =-

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