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Hi, I'm still struggling with getting my moo to email to people who do
@request <player-name> for <email connection>.  Right now it says:

The system cannot resolve the name of the system you're connected from.
Please send mail to, with the character name
you want.

Unless you plug in an IP address for the email connection, when you get:

#17:suspicious_address, line 24:  Type mismatch
... called from #25:check_player_request check_reregistration, line 36
... called from #10:request_character, line 10
... called from #32:@request*-character @register (this == #93), line 12
(End of traceback)

I saw this in response to someone having a similar problem and looked into
it on my database:
>It looks like you're using a database that hasn't been upgraded as described in
>ChangeLog.txt to handle the changes made to add port numbers to the result of
>connection_name().  Be aware that the 1Oct94 LambdaCore, the latest one
>available, was made from a 1.7.8 server.  Therefore, to use it successfully
>with later server releases, you need to search ChangeLog.txt for all `NOTE'
>entries from releases after 1.7.8 and apply the changes described there.

when I did @chmod $string_utils:connection_hostname_bsd -d I found that
$hacker has been recycled!  I did @chown on $string etc. and then @chmod,
but my moo will still not email out.

We also changed from bsd to just plain $string_utils:connection_hostname
and recompiled because we're running system V, but still no luck.

My question now is, is it worth downloading a new core and dumping all my
objects in order to get $hacker (#37) back as it originally is?  Would that
help solve my moo mail problem, or is there something else I can try?

P.S. $ is set to q, and the properties are set properly, and we've
also done this:
To enable outbound network connections, recompile the MOO server after
editing options.h so it includes the line:


thanks for any help,

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