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Re: More of an Internet question...

On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, The Raptor wrote:

> Okay, Sorry to post an _almost_ irrelevant question to this list, but I 
> really need to know this, as I am trying to write a Web-Browser for 
> LakeMOO.  Here goes:
> When a WWW-Browser looks up an HTTP link, what port does it default to 
> when the user doesn't specify one?

	MOO-related, this doesn't matter.  Yes, a WWW call will try to 
trigger port 80 if the person didn't specify anything, but if you want to 
do this for a MOO, they're going to have to specify a port.  The reason 
being that you (as a user) cannot load up your MOO on any port under 
1025.  So there's no way you can 1) restart <moo> 80, nor can you 2) 
;listen(80) if you have MPL installed.  Only a superuser or root can do 

	Thus, in your case, for LakeMOO, you would have to give it the URL 
of: http://LakeMOO's-address:port

	This will make the browser hit the MOO's port as it should, and 
hopefully you have a $login:GET() installed so that it will actually work 
and produce something.

	WizAsh@RiverMOO  ({/users/wizash})


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