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Re: 1.8.0alpha3 Panic

Don Schwarz writes:
> I was just trying out the new core on 1.8.0alpha3 and I had a panic.
> Along with a lot of other things, $recycler:_recycle seemed to be broken so
> I tried to use the recycle() built-in to get rid of one of the objects. 
> Immediately after I typed the command ( ;recycle(#95); ), it disconnected
> both of my characters without even telling me it panic'd.

I am unable to reproduce your bug.  Had you applied the db_delete_propdef()
patch I posted here a couple of days ago?  If so, and you can still reproduce
the bug reliably, please send me instructions on how to do so.

Also, things will work a bit better in the new core if you make sure first to
apply all of the NOTEs in the ChangeLog.txt file for releases after 1.7.9p2.



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