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MOO compilation under BSD 2.01

Hello fellows,

I downloaded the LambdaMOO-latest.tar.Z and LambdaCore-latest.db.Z from
the ftp server. I compiled it with easily with a couple of warnings only.
Now when I tried to enable the OUTBOUND_NETWORKS options in options.h, I
was unable to compile it again. The line containing this options was:

Before Changes:   /* #define OUTBOUND_NETWORKS  */

Changed this line to:

	2)	  #define OUTBOUND_NETWORKS " "
	3)	  #define OUTBOUND_NETWORKS 1

I have tried three of the above options but each time I get an error
message at line number 284 of options.h during compilation :( I think
its the line containg the above statement. I'll me more than thankful to
you if you could help me out.

Desperately looking for help

     _-_     _-_
   /     \ /     \ 
  |       V       |
   \      |      /
          |                 Farhan Sabir

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