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"Deeyenda" Hoax Information

(This is a slightly edited version of the message I sent out to some
other people when I originally saw the warning.)

I am sending this message to everyone who the "Virus Alert" message was
sent to, as far back as I can trace.  Please distribute _this_ message
to everyone you can, so as to prevent a situation similar to when the
original "Good Times" hoax was distributed (i.e. panic).

I recently received a message entitled "Virus Alert," warning of the
dangers of an e-mail message with the subject "Deeyenda" or "Irina," as
well as warnings about other Internet sources.

As far as I can tell, this warning is _FALSE_, for many proven reasons. 
It appears to be similar to the original "Good Times" virus alert, which
was also false.

For more information on this so-called "virus," visit:

Thank you!

James Renken                         E-Mail:
Student, University of Minnesota      WWW:

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