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Is this moo-cows?

I just deleted 16 messages about viruses (well, okay, one was actually a 
reply concerning an RTFM-type question).  I guess I'll have to switch 
over to Jay's clue-cows mailing list if this keeps up.  I've refrained 
from doing that so far because I'm afraid of missing out on posts which 
interest me and because I think communities don't work well when 
long-time members ignore the needs of newcomers.  But really, this is 
getting ridiculous.  Please, don't spam moo-cows with
   - offtopic posts
   - questions that are clearly and competently answered in the 
      (short, easy-to-read, freely available) programmers' manual.
   - replies that should really be directed to an individual 
      instead of the whole list

Many thanks from a fellow reader (for now),



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