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floating point numbers / decode_binary()

I thought floating point numbers only had a precision up to like 15-17
digits or so. It seems the largest floating point number I can use is
1.79769313486231e+308. But, if I put a real long float number, such as 
it will round off to 1.79769313486232e+308. But, I can't re-eval
1.79769313486232e+308 because it will give me an overflow. Also if I try
1.797693134862315807937289714053034150791 it gives an overflow tb as well.

I also posted on Lambda while this list was down, I noticed if you try
something like decode_binary("~80~03~90") I correctly get {128, 3, 144} but
if I try decode_binary("~80~03~90", 1) it comes out as {-128, 3, -112}; I
was told it was due to using signed integer types rather than unsigned in
the server code.

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