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Running an old DB

Hello folks.
  I've got an old (1.7.7-1.7.8) DB that I'd like to get running under MOO
1.8.0p.  I seem to remember hearing that there can be some problems
running older DBs with the latest version of MOO, but I can't seem to find
any specific info on it. I've searched the Web, read the FAQs, and checked
parc's ftp site but I can't seem to find anything.  I'm probably
overlooking the obvious.  Anyway, I basically want to know how I can get
my old DB running under the latest version of the MOO.  Do I need to do
anything to the DB, and if so, what?  Would it be easier to try to find an
old copy of MOO 1.7.8?  Where would I find this? I checked parc's FTP site
but I couldn't seem to find it.  Thanks in advance and happy holidays.

Matthew Duhan
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