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Re: Running an old DB

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Colin Verne wrote:

> There is a conversion page at which will lead you
> through converting a 1.7.9 DB to 1.8.0.  All you need is to be able to use
> @program and the verb editor, as well as @egrepcore, but basicly you can
> just follow the instructions they have on that page.  I don't know of any
> 1.8.0 DB's, but it would be really nice if we could get one on the FTP
> site.  I've had a bunch of people ask me how to get a 1.8.0 server up and
> running and I've had to explain why they have to take the 1.7.9 db and
> convert it if they wanted to use server 1.8.0..

I have a vanilla 1.8.0 LambdaCore, modified only following Brack's
instructions, ready to download in gzip or unix compress format. I can't
offer FTP though, we only have anon-ftp for our internet software (and that
only works for XS4all ;-)

However, i think Matt Duhan was talking about an old, used (filled ?) DB,
not a vanilla Core. I think my father has an old Slackware distribution that
came with LambdaMOO 1.7.8... Might be 1.7.6 though, i haven't looked at it
for a while. I am not sure if the database needs modifying before 1.7.9, it
certainly does need modifying before 1.8.0 -- thats what the page
is about. I would suggest you try to load up the DB in a 1.7.9 MOO, and if
it doesn't work, try 1.7.8. I could send you the .tar.gz for that one ;-)



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