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Re: Do clear properties take up space in the DB.

At 02:01 PM 12/22/96 PST, Francis Litterio wrote:
>I'm considering adding a new property to #1 which will be clear on
>nearly every object in the DB except a very few.  Will doing so bloat my
>DB (in memory and on disk) by much?  I guess I'm wondering whether
>having a property on every object that is clear 99.99% of the time will
>take up much space (compared to not having that property at all).
>Thanks in advance for any help.
it adds 16 bytes to every object, whether it's clear or not. if it's a
number, object, or error value it won't get more than that.
If it's clear 99.99% of the time you might consider having a property on
one object that holds a list of objects that are different for some reason.

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