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@create returns "Too many verb calls" to non-wiz chars

K.A. all MOO-Cows .

I am running LambdaMOO v1.8.0p5 w/25Dec95 LambdaCore on Linux. 
Presently, the MOO is at its first stages (building the basic 
envroiment before "normal" players come in) and I have hit into a 
weird problem.
If a non-wiz char tries to @create (or @dig, which I discovered 
(obviously) goes through the same routines, but in a spectacularly 
perverted way) an object and that requires issueing a new (never 
before issued) obj. number (i.e. $recycler calls create() to get the 
job done (am I getting this right?)) the server refuses to do what it 
should spitting out a nice "Too many verb calls" error, which is not 
contemplated in the FM (LMoo Progger's manual by Pavel Curtis).
The curious things are that a) this does not happen to wizzen and 
b)this started happening quite suddently (it worked fine before).

Also, another couple (more trivial) Qs:
a) It was said on this list that Mr. Curtis is no longer maintaining 
MOO. Who is? And will we get another server release beyond 1.8.0p5?
b) Where can I find LambdaCore progger/user's manuals a little more 
recent than the ones on (v1.3 (!))?
c) Wading through Brack's www pages, I found a site with patches for 
the 25Dec95 core ( Problem is, I can' t 
reach said site (DNS lookup failure). Is there a mirror somewhere?
d) Is there a similar site for server patches for 1.8.0p5? A lot have 
passed on this list and I was wondering if an "official" patch 
repository (of tested and needful patches) exists.

Whoopsies... well, (couple = 4) :)

Thanks in advance for all & any help and apologies if these questions 
seem excessivly green/banale... we all have to learn, I was taught.

                Luigi Fabio

Luigi Fabio                            | I think God, in creating man,
-----------                            |   somewhat overestimated his ability.                         |            - Oscar Wilde         


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