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RE: connect message during unforked checkpoints

We recently switched to unforked checkpoints.
When someone tries to connect during a checkpoint,
they get a blank screen.  Is there any way to simply
print a "please wait" message to them?

Not a pretty way to do it without serious server hacks, no, but there's   
some hackish ways.

I can't really grind out the code, but the idea would be to have   
$checkpoint_started() unlisten() from your connect port, then trigger an   
external program to listen on that port using either FUP (easy) or via   
another socket (elegant).  Have that program say something to the effect   
of "we're busy, go away" (or something more polite), then disconnect.   
 Have $checkpoint_finished() shut the external process down, then   
listen() again on the main port.

Mostly the reason I can't grind out the code is that I can never get the   
order straight for all those damn network functions in C.  If only it   
were as simple as open_network_connection().

A "please wait" message that eventually connected them to the MOO   
wouldn't be feasable with an external process.  


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