seg fault with viewfax under AIX (when pressing 'u')

"Frank D. Cringle" (
Wed, 29 May 1996 21:18:05 +0200 (Gert Doering) writes:
>Michael Staats wrote: (where did he write? I did not get the original

>> recently I found a bug in viewfax (the version distributed with
>> mgetty-0.99).
>> When pressing 'u' in the viewfax window the program dumps core.
>Ha! It *does* have some bugs left in. Every time I tried to find one,
>Frank proved that the bug was in the window manager or in the X server 
>or wherever :-)

It seems you don't follow the tiff mailing list, Gert.  A bug was
discovered there recently which is present in viewfax and which I
could not explain away (it is in the error recovery after a coding

If Michael can send me more details (e.g. compile with -g and send me
gdb's stack trace) I will have a go at rationalising his problem.

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