Truth Tabernacle UPC

Our Purpose

The number one purpose is to reach souls with the truth they need to become born again and have a personal relationship with God and be ready for eternity.

That is the "Great Commission" that Jesus gave to the Church - "to preach the gospel to every creature"

That is just the startng point, we also are here to help you get rooted and grounded in Bible truth and be edified so you can grow strong spiritually and be equipped to fulfill God's plan for your life.

We are also here to show you how God can meet whatever needs you have, we have seen God heal people both physically and emotionally, people have been delivered from drugs and alcohol, we strive to help our young people to grow up making the right decisions and with a desire to do the right things and to not have any desire to get involved with drugs or alcohol to begin with by experiencing the real joy and peace that only God can give.

We have wonderful times of fellowship together worshipping the Lord in genuine heart-felt worship and feeling the awesome presence of God.

We are here to share God's love and truth so you can enjoy the abundant life that God intended for you to enjoy and have a personal relationship with God, rather than just learning "about" God, you can know Him in spirit and in truth !

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