STOP - before you give up PLEASE read this !

It is sad that many people think that suicide will end their problems, but fail to realize that they will face eternal pain and suffering immediately after suicide, if only they would realize that any problems they might have in this life are a microscopic "drop in the bucket" compared to the eternal pain they will have to endure if they murder themselves.

OK, so you have doubts for now and maybe you are not yet convinced that what I say is true,
but do you REALLY want to risk ETERNAL pain with NO second chances ?

Let me assure you that what I say is from the Bible and is very true. The Bible is clear that even those who have been born again must stay faithful to the end living an overcoming life in obedience to the Word. So please realize that "once saved, always saved" is NOT guaranteed by the Bible.

Note: the verse below was written to people who were already born again:

"He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life..." Rev. 3:5

Your name is written in the book of life when you are born again, (see link at the bottom on how to become born again) but the scripture above shows that even those who had been born again must live an overcoming life and not backslide into sin because they risk having their names blotted back out of the book of life if they go into eternity that way without repenting.

Remember - IF you murder yourself (suicide) there is no way you can repent of it before you die because you will already be dead and you will then face eternal pain according to the Bible, so PLEASE realize that suicide will NOT make things better - only MUCH worse - and worse forever !

I needed to give that that very serious warning first because I care and I want you to realize how serious this is, but now let me encourage you that WHATEVER your problems are that would make you even consider suicide, that God CAN turn your life around and make it VERY worthwhile and full of peace and joy - and He WANTS to !

God is simply waiting for you to reach out to Him and ask for help, I believe that just the fact that you somehow found this web page shows that God is trying to show you that He cares and has a way for your life to be made better.

The Bible has a specific plan for you to receive the real joy and peace that comes from being born again, please click on the link below to see a detailed explaination on HOW to become born again, and if you need to talk please contact us.

Remember - God really loves you and is waiting for you to reach out to Him right now !

Here is a link to study the Bible plan of salvation in more detail -

The New Testament Plan of Salvation

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