Truth Tabernacle UPC

who we are

We are a group of down-to-earth friendly folks who simply want to share with others wonderful life changing truth, that God loves you, and has made a way for you have life more abundantly, and what the Bible says about how to receive all that God has for you ! Most importantly we want to do more than merely teach you about God, but to introduce you to a living God who is very real, loves you very much, and is waiting to have a relationship with you that would last throughout eternity !

We are a young church, our first service was on January 4, 1998, the pastor was previously the assistant pastor for 7 years at another church in a different area, and had long felt led of God to eventually start a new work in east Baltimore where a church was needed when God indicated that it was the right time back then. The pastor has been in this marvelous truth for over 30 years and has had much teaching and experience from over that time span to draw from to help in edifying and ministering to the people at Truth Tabernacle UPC.

Please come and visit us, we'll make you feel right at home !

If you come with a hunger and thirst for God - you can leave feeling full of real joy and peace !

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