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The Interpretation

Yes, my friend, we all crucified him. We gave him that load he carried to the top of that hill. For some of us, the power he had then, and still has even to this day, did a great work, but for others, who are still at the bottom of the hill, no change was produced, and the work in their lives has yet to be done. Although they can feel the force, they have not experienced the power.

Have you been changed? Have you experienced his power? If not, then do you feel his force tugging at you right now? Do you want to have his work done in your life today? Do you want to be changed?

The forgiveness of sins is the result of repentence. If we have crucified Christ, as the bible has said, then we are guilty of his death. Repentence is being sorry for that. Repentence is being so seriously sorry for it that we promise never to do it again. This is a promise that we make to Jesus. This is a promise that we make to God.

The remission of sins is the elimination of their symptoms. A doctor speaks of a disease as being in remission when the symptoms of that disease are cured. Water baptism in Jesus name causes the remission of sins when the work of repentence is done. Without repentence, water baptism is of no effect.

Too many messages stop right here. But all we have done by repentence is put the key in the ignition swith of that truck. Turning the key and starting the engine is required. A truck that doesn't run may be nice to look at, but it isn't good for anything; it won't get any work done. When the engine is running, it is ready to do something, but if we don't put it in gear, it won't go anywhere. Repentence puts the key in the ignition, baptism starts the engine, but it takes the Holy Ghost to put it in gear so it can to something.

Without the Holy Ghost, you are powerless. The bible says

col: 1:27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

So we can plainly see that Jesus is the Holy Ghost, the ``Christ in you'', and his power is our power. Through the Holy Ghost we have access to the power that took the burden of our sins all the way to the top of Golgotha hill. There these sins were killed. There our Jesus died, but death could not conquer him, and so it cannot conquer us, as long as we have him living inside of us.

1cor: 15:55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

But without the Holy Ghost, a man is condemned to hell. Hell is terrible place. The bible says it a place of unending torment, a place of eternal fire.

If you don't have the Holy Ghost living inside of you tonight, I urge you to come to this alter and be filled, or re-filled. If you've never had the Holy Ghost, come repent tonight. God can fill you only after you repent. After you have repented, you should be baptized in Jesus name for the remission of sins, and then the promise is unto you: you shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.

If you once had the Holy Ghost, but have turned away from God, you can turn back tonight. God will take you back, just repent and love him.

If you have the Holy Ghost, but don't feel like you've got the power you once had, you can come and be refilled this very night. You can't make the grade with an empty tank.

In Jesus name, come and be blessed, come and be touched, come and be filled.

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Robert J. Brown