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A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies

Milwaukee Sunrise
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Milwaukee Sunrise
R. J. Brown
Hook: Tiemco TMC 7931C #3/0.
Tag: medium oval silver tinsel, from barb to point.
Tail: golden pheasant crest, sandwiched between 2 golden pheasant tippets, set vertically.
Joint: purplish blue ostrich herl.
Rib: 6 turns of wide silver oval tinsel, as a counter rib holding the hackles, and blue silk floss, front 1/2 only.
Body: rear 1/2 red SLF; front 1/2 black silk floss.
Joint: purplish blue ostrich herl. between the 2 halves;
Hackle: rear 1/2 red saddle; front 1/2 black dyed blue eared pheasant.
Collar: teal.
Wing: strips of golden pheasant tippet, vertical style.
Topping: purple dyed golden pheasant crest.
Head: red thread wrapped with purplish blue ostrich herl.
Note: This fly brings back memories of wading in the middle of the Milwaukee River at sunrise during the fall king salmon run, with trees in full autumn color, watching the sun come up, and having a huge king smack my fly in the middle of it all.

Fly tied and photographed by R. J. Brown.

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