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A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies

Olive Spey 2
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Olive Spey 2
Mike Gast
Hook: Partridge Bartleet Supreme CS10/1 #2/0.
Tag: medium flat gold tinsel.
Rib: fine gold oval tinsel, as a counter-rib.
Body: rear 2/3 medium flat gold tinsel; front 1/3 medium flat gold tinsel, overdubbed with gold "fast descent" metallic dubbing.
Hackle: olive schlappen, black tipped using Blumreich's method, tied at the front by the root, secured by the rib.
Collar: guinea.
Wing: bronze mallard, tented and low, horizontal style.
Head: olive.
Note: Olive variant of Gobin's Claret and Deep Purple. This is my enhancement of Mike Gast's basic Olive Spey. I added the dubbed front portion and the dark tipped hackle, using Bob Blumreich's marker pen hackle technique.

Fly tied and photographed by R. J. Brown.

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