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A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies

The Mighty Burner
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The Mighty Burner
R. J. Brown
Hook: Partridge Bartleet CS10/1G #1/0 gold.
Rib: gold wire.
Body: rear 2/3 flat silver tinsel; front 1/3 yellow-orange SLF.
Hackle: natural blue eared pheasant.
Sides: red rump feather from a golden pheasant, as long as the hook, overlaid with a yellow rump feather from a golden pheasant, to the hook point.
Collar: yellow rump feather from a golden pheasant.
Cheeks: jungle cock, upward.
Topping: two golden pheasant crest feathers.
Head: pale yellow.
Note: Named for the late great Hammond B3 jazz organist, Charles Earland, whose nickname was "The Mighty Burner", because this fly looks like flames flowing back over a hook. This fly was inspired by Mike Yarnot's "Gold-digger Spey". It is basically the same fly with the addition of the red in the sides, and the jungle cock cheeks.

Fly tied and photographed by R. J. Brown.

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