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This information is provided by R. J. Brown , aka "gumbo".

I am not a professional fisherman;
I am a computer consultant who just likes to fly fish.

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Gumbo's Fishing Home Page

  • Latest SE WI River Conditions
    The most recently available weather and river flows for the South East Wisconsin Great Lakes tributaries.
  • Latest NW KY River Conditions
    The most recently available weather and river flows for the North West Kentucky Ohio River Basin area.
  • Fly Fishers of Men
    A message board for Christian fly fishermen.
  • The Fishin' FatMan Site
    Richard Brown (no relative to myself) is the Fishin' FatMan. He is a guide and fishing teacher. Good information is here.
  • The Salmon Steelhead fly fishing Board
    Very good message board, mostly Pacific NW people. Some very big names post here.
  • Fly Anglers Online
    Excellent online magazine for fly fishermen.
  • The Steelhead Site Wisconsin Reports
    The Steelhead Site is a major repository of information for steelhead fishermen.
  • MP's Rambling Reports
    Detailed reports, complete with photographs, of MP's fishing outings -- mostly SE WI tributaries.
  • Wisconsin On The Fly
    General information, links, and ads regarding fly fishing in Wisconsin.
  • So Just Who is this "Gumbo" Guy, Anyway?
    A short autobiography of myself as a fisherman.
  • Gumbo's Salmon Page
    Fall 2001 Salmon fishing in southern Wisconsin Rivers.
  • A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies
    Spey and Dee style flies that I have tied. Some were designed by me; some were designed by others. This gives at table of contents with thumnail photos of the flies, along with their names in alphabetical order. Each thumnail is linked to a page with a larger photo and the recipe for the fly. Click on this photo to see a 1600x1200 pixel high resolution photo of the fly.
  • How to tie "Meg with the Muckle Mouth"
    This is a very old Dee pattern dating back from the first half of the 1800's. This is how I tie it, not just a recipe, but full directions.
  • Stu Farnham's Fly Tying & Fishing Pages
    Stu Farnham is an accomplished fly fisher and fly tyer from the Seattle Washington area. He has hosted numerous fly swaps. This is a must visit web page!
  • Speycasting Instructions
    Spey Casting evolved from the River Spey in the Highlands of Scotland. Heavily wooded riverbanks and sheer rock faces so typical of the rivers in this part of the country restricted the ability to overhead cast. This necessitated the need to develop an alternative technique of casting in confined areas and the result was the family of Spey Casts. Unlike an overhead cast, which relies on the backcast being straight to supply the resistance to load the forward delivery, a Spey Cast can be performed even in the most restricted of casting situations. This is made possible by forming a loop of energy-filled line called a 'D'loop. This loop forms beside the caster prior to the execution of the forward delivery and is the very essence of any form of Spey Cast.
  • Flies By Gumbo
    Some freshwater flies I have tied for bass, pike, muskie, salmon, and steelhead.
  • Trout Unlimited Canada Edmonton Chapter Fly Tying Links and Patterns
    An enormous number of links to flies and patterns of all sorts.
  • Autumn on the Spey
    A collection of antique Spey flies as dressed by Brian Styskal. This is a very complete set of examples taken directly from the book Autumn on the Spey by Kelson. This book, written about 150 years ago, is one of the oldest sources of patterns for the antique Spey flies.
  • The Silver Doctor's (Bob Blumreich) Millennium Spey/Dee Swap
    Some beautiful Spey flies, with photos and recipes.
  • How to Dress Salmon Flies
    Ronn Lucas, Sr. and friends take us on a journey to learn new methods, tricks and techniques to create these beautiful flies.
  • Jack Gartside's Web Site
    Jack Gartside is a professional guide and fly-tyer who has originated many innovative patterns. Hailing from Boston, he covers both salt and freshwater flyfishing.
  • Classic Salmon Flies
    Beautiful photographs of classic Atlantic Salmon Flies, most of them tied by Wolfgang von Malottke without using a vice or bobbin!
  • The Classic Salmon Fly Gallery at Traditional Fly
    Some more good photographs of classic Atlantic Salmon Flies.
  • John Shewey's Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Supplies
    John Shewey is a world renowned fly fisherman and fly tier. His supplies are available via mail order (email, phone, whatever). They are super top notch quality -- the best I have ever used.
  • Castle Arms -- Classic Atlantic tying supplies.
    Since 1951, we have been providing fly tying furs and feathers for those who enjoy the art of the classic salmon fly. We carry a everything from rare and exotic feathers, furs, and skins for salmon fly-tiers, to Heritage rods and reels, fly-tying threads, silks, hooks, and equipment, and books on fly-tying.
  • Feathers MC Classic Atlantic tier's supplies.
    John McLain's wonderful web site has all the feathers a classic Atlantic salmon fly tier could ask for. Beautiful pictures, and feathers and other supplies for sale.
  • Siskiyou Aviary -- rare and exotic feathers.
    Hard to find feathers with images that acurately represent the products and allow you see what you're buying. Feathers for Fly Tyers and more!
  • J. Stockard Fly Fishing
    J. Stockard Fly Fishing brings you thousands of fly tying and rod building products. Fast and affordable, it's easy to find what you need.
  • Red Shed Fly Shop
    Spey Fishing Can Be Fun Without Being Expensive
  • Spawning Atlas
    This is rather old, but it gives times and locations of spawning activity for fish in Lake Michigan and its tributaries.
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    This covers a lot more than just fishing, but it covers Wisconsin officially.
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