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This information is provided by R. J. Brown , aka "Gumbo".

I am not a professional fisherman;
I am a computer consultant who just likes to fly fish.

How to Become a Sponsor of Gumbo's SE WI River Report

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How to Become a Sponsor

Gumbo welcomes sponsors

Your business can be a sponsor of Gumbo's SE WI River Report. You will be targeting a very specific audience of people -- fishermen and women that fish the Milwaukee, Root, and Pike rivers, and Oak Creek. These rivers are situated in Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha, Wisconsin. These fishermen and women have internet access, which means they are likely fairly affluent and able to spend more than most people on fishing gear and accomodations when they go fishing.

Its effective

A single click on your ad banner will take them directly to your web page, and you know they wanted to go there, because they made the click voluntarily. With an average click-thru rate of about 1 percent, the ad banners have been directing well over 1 person per day to each associated web page. This is considerably cheaper than direct mail. Most direct mailings end up in the trash without ever being looked at. When the visitor gets to your web page, if you have access to your web server's log files, then you know he got there from Gumbo's SE WI River Report. Gumbo also maintains an advertising banner statistics page that shows how each of the banners have been performing.

How it works

A single advertising banner is displayed in the navigation panel at the top of the Gumbo's SE WI River Report web page. Clicking on this banner takes the viewer to a web page associated with the banner. This banner is changed every 60 seconds. All banners have an equal likelihood of being displayed. Thus, although the order in which the banners are displayed is unpredictable, the system gives a fair chance to all banners. If you want to increase the chances a visitor will see your banner, you may sponsor with more than one banner, each charged at the standard rate. These banners may all be different, or all the same.

What you must provide

Each sponsor must provide a standard 468 by 60 pixel internet advertising banner and the URL of the web page to send visitors to when they click on your ad banner. You should email this information to Gumbo, giving your business name, phone number, mailing address, and your name as the contact person. You should include the advertising banner as an attachment in your email. Don't forget to include the URL of the web page you want connected with the advertising banner. If you have any questions, just ask Gumbo.

No ad banner? No web page? No problem!

If your business does not already have an advertising banner, we will be glad to make one for you for a nominal fee. We really need to talk on the phone if you want us to do this, as such things are very much a matter of taste, and we want to make you happy. Likewise, if your business does not yet have a web page, we can design a web page and host it for you as well. Again, a phone call is in order so we can understand what you want and discuss pricing.

Free to non-profits and guides

If you are a non-profit organization that is related to fishing or conservation, or if you are a fishing guide that works on the Milwaukee, Root, or Pike rivers, or Oak Creek, then we will be glad to provide a free advertising banner, and even design one for you for free. Charter boat services, or party boats that work on Lake Michigan are not free. If you do not yet have a web page, we can design one and host it for you, but this will not be free. If you want us to design a web page or ad banner, please email us with a phone number and a good time to call, so we can understand your needs and desires, and discuss pricing if necessary.

Encouraged to apply

Any business that caters to fishermen on these southeastern Wisconsin tributaries, including fly shops, tackle shops, bait shops, boat stores, marinas, restaurants, motels, hotels, convenience stores, etc. are encouraged to become sponsors.

Please do not apply

Gumbo will not accept sponsorship from liquor stores, bars, tap rooms, cocktail lounges, or any other establishment whose primary business is alcoholic beverages. Gumbo reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from any business that he deems detrimental to the clean, wholesome image of fishing as an activity that the entire family can enjoy.


All sponsorship payments for Gumbo's SE WI River Report shall be made by means of the PayPal internet payment system. Payment shall acrue to Elijah Laboratories Inc., the entity which owns Gumbo's SE WI River Report. Paying sponsors are charged $1.00 per banner per day (in 30 day increments), plus any advertising banner design fees or web page design or hosting fees. These fees vary due to the varying needs of different sponsors. Payments for design fees are one time charges. Payments for web page hosting, or advertising banner display are recurring charges. All recurring charges will be automatically billed to the same account that the initial payment was made from, until the sponsorship subscription is manually cancelled, or until it defaults for non-payment.

So start the process already

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email Gumbo with your organization's name and address, and your name and a phone number where you can be reached. If possible, include your add banner and the URL of your web page. As soon as your material has been reviewed, or we have spoken by phone and determined your ad banner and web page URL, you will be sent an email explaining the payment process. Once you have paid for the initial 30 days, your advertising banner will start to be displayed on Gumbo's SE WI River Report.


Neither Gumbo nor Elijah Laboratories Inc. can be held responsible for problems with the internet. If we are unable to serve your ad banner for more than 12 hours for reasons that we know to be our fault, such as our server being down, then we will not charge you for that day.

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