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This information is provided by R. J. Brown , aka "Gumbo".

I am not a professional fisherman;
I am a computer consultant who just likes to fly fish.

Privacy Statement for Gumbo's River Report

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Privacy Statement

Gumbo's River Report is owned and operated by Elijah Laboratories Inc. The web server and domain name servers that make Gumbo's River Report viewable on the internet are also owned and operated by Elijah Laboratories Inc.

The advertisement banner system used on these pages logs information each time a banner is displayed or clicked on. The time a banner was displayed or clicked on, and which banner it was, are logged for the purposes of tracking advertising effectiveness. The IP address of the client browser is part of this log record. No other information about the client browser is put into this log. These log entries are publicly viewable.

The Apache web server at keeps logs of every request made to it, including the IP address of the client, and the particular type of browser being used. It also logs the URL of the page that referred the client to the requested page. Almost all web servers keep this information. This web server log file is used to manage and administer the web server. Its contents are not disclosed outside of Elijah Laboratories.

A statistical summary report of web server activity is generated hourly from the web server log files. This report is viewable from the internet. Its primary purpose is to monitor how much traffic is related to various pages, and to track how users came to the web site from other places on the internet.

Since Gumbo's River Report is only a news and information page, with advertising banners, we do not store or fetch any cookies.

Since we collect no personal information from our viewers, such as name, address, phone number, etc. we have no such information to share with others. If you are a sponsor, we do collect such information from you, but only by email, and not via the web server, and this information will not be shared outside Elijah Laboratories Inc. except by court order.

The VITO Network Monitoring System at monitors all traffic sent to, or received from, the internet. In addition to inspecting every packet for evil intentions, the system logs every packet in its entirety. These packet logs are kept for security purposes. They are not made available to any outside party, other than for security analysis purposes, and they will not be, unless mandated by a court order.

This privacy statement is subject to change from time to time and without notice. If you are concerned about this, you should examine this privacy statement periodically. The date of last modification to this statement is at the bottom of this page.

We hope this information helps you to feel safe, and that your privacy is protected. Enjoy your visit to Gumbo's River Report!

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