Brief Resumé of Robert J. Brown1
Computer Scientist, over 25 Years Experience

P. O. Box 166, Warsaw KY 41095 1-847-613-8411$ \tilde{{ }}$ mathend000#rj/

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Mr. Brown's professional experience spans over 25 years and covers a broad range of areas in business and computer science. He has founded two corporations and has been instrumental in developing the technology base for venture capitalizing four others. He has consulted to and conducted R&D activities for a number of large, medium, and small companies. He has conducted seminars on leading edge technologies, published papers in recognized journals, and given presentations at technical conferences. He has been a full-time consultant since 1986.

Partial Client List

3com GE IBM Lucent Motorola
Alcatel GM ITT Magnavox Panasonic
Cummins Grumman Loral Marconi Zenith

Significant Projects





Networking, Telephony, and Wireless

Embedded Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Computer Science

Configuration, Build, Test, and Release Control

Systems and Network Administration





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Brief Resumé of Robert J. Brown1
Computer Scientist, over 25 Years Experience

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