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Re: [SERVER] Crash on restart with 1.7.9p2 and MPL 1.4

On Mon, 1 Jan 1996, Richard Godard wrote:

> No problem. If I connect, @dump-d, kill the process and restart the moo
> form the dump it will PANIC again... but restarting from the PANIC dump
> works fine...
> Could the conflic be between MPL and what 1.7.9 does when it deal with the
> formerly active connections ?

I don't know enough about moo yet to be of much help, but I tracked that 
problem down with 1.7.9p2 and mpl 1.4 to needing to add the +'ed lines 
below in server.c:

static void
call_notifier(Objid player, const char *verb_name)
    Var args;
    shandle *h = find_shandle(player);

+    if (!h) {
+        logf("call_notifier: null pointer for player #%d\n", player);
+        return;
+    }

    args = new_list(1);
    args.v.list[1].type = TYPE_OBJ;
    args.v.list[1].v.obj = player;
    run_server_task(player, h->listener, verb_name, args, "", 0);

For the record.. I don't know what side affects this has.  I don't yet 
know if there isn't a real bug elsewhere that this is just masking.  BUT, 
I do know this prevents the crash, and that's enough until I can look 
further into why this happens.

Good luck,

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