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Re: [SERVER] Crash on restart with 1.7.9p2 and MPL 1.4

I fixed this problem by replacing 
   h ? h->listener : SYSTEM_OBJECT
in the call_notifier function in server.c, so in repeat in 
call_notifier, change the line:
     run_server_task(player, h->listener, verb_name, args, "", 0);
with the lines:
     run_server_task(player, h ? h->listener : SYSTEM_OBJECT, 
                     verb_name, args, "", 0);

The reason behind this is that the server is not assigning a handle to 
the formerly active connections.

Jason R. Mills
RayoDeSol@MundoHispano           Archwizard of Rupert
SunRay everywhere else.


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