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MOO starting up without a port

Now that MOO has MPL builtin, I think it should be possible to let
the MOO start up without binding any port.  This way it could let
$server_started() figure out what ports to bind--let the database
handle everything.

Also, would it be possible to get the server to call 
$server_shutting_down() or something like that before shutting down?  
It would be nice for keeping track of how long the MOO has been up, 
etc, and for features such as the MOO Usage Profile feature, which can 
inaccurately represent how long a player has been connected because 
$user_disconnected() is called when the MOO starts up rather than when 
it shuts down.  

What does everybody out there think about these ideas?  Should 
$user_connected() be called before the MOO shuts down or when it starts 
up again?


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