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Re: MOO source level debugger?

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Rich Connamacher wrote:

> One thing I ***REALLY*** want to see is a MOO-Code source level 
> debugger.  I'm sure it's on wish lists everywhere.  Has anybody looked 
> into how to create one?  Is one in the works?  I spent a lot of time 
> trying to figure out how to "cheat" it in-database, using a call_verb() 
> function (Calls a verb, regardless of its being +x or -x).  However, it'd 
> end up being very messy, and a far better place for it would be to do it 
> in-server.

I do plan on creating an in-db debugger.  It will work by adding
$debug:breakpoint() calls, etc, into the code being debugged, and,
with some of the ideas I have, should work nicely.  


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