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Re: New LambdaCore database released

Add the following verb to $guest.  It should have been moved from 
$local.guest to $guest before the core was extracted.

#31:connection_name_hash   this none this
"Compute an encrypted hash of the guest's (last) connection, using 'crypt'. Basically, you can't tell where the guest came from, but it is unlikely that two guests will have the same hash";
"You can use guest:connection_name_hash(seed) as a string to identify whether two guests are from the same place.";
xx = $wiz_utils:connection_hash(caller_perms(), $string_utils:connection_hostname(this.last_connect_place), @args);
hash = tonum(caller_perms());
host = $string_utils:connection_hostname(this.last_connect_place);
for i in [1..length(host)]
  hash = hash * 14 + index($string_utils.ascii, host[i]);
return crypt(tostr(hash), @args);

*This article is a natural product.  The slight variations in logic and
*coherence enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way
*are to be considered flaws or defects.


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