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Recruiting for MOO Building

Dear All:

I am currently soliciting anyone with interest in helping build a
MOO with a general philosophy as outlined below.  My development
group is going through a recruitment, nomination and election
process to add additional members to our council of builders and
playtesters.  Many all called but few are chosen.

We are all (currently) refugees from the now defunct Metaverse MOO,
so inquiries from fromer Metaversers are very welcome.

MOO Motif/Theme:

The main theme of OurTownMOO is cross genre, mostly horror and drama,
with a little comedy thrown in.  Our operating philosophy in theme
development is somewhat ecclectic; take our favorite stories,
television series, movies, novels, et cetera and use the plots
in a small town setting.  Some of the influential sources include:

The X-Files, The Prisoner, The Fugitive, The Twilight Zone,
H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and a healthy dose of conspiracy


Provide a setting that will challenge the intellect, entertain and
amuse by creating situations, puzzles and events that provide the
player a chance to stretch themselves mentally.  To provide a 
comfortable setting that is very familiar so that when the unusual
occurs there is a sharp contrast between the normal and the spectacular.
Basically a good living story in which the players participate.

These are the high points, a full policy statement is available on


John P. Wilson

- - John P. Wilson -
"Government is not reason or eloquence, it is power, and like fire
 can be a useful servant, or a fearful master." - George Washington

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