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Re: aix restart (can't parse db)

Thanks for everyone's help.  I think that it was an error in downloading
and whatnot, based on what I've been told. I was doing the following:
ftping the file to a sparc (no floppy drive), changing the filename (to dos
size), ftping it to a Wintel, putting it on a floppy, climbing 3 flights of
stairs to my office, doswrite-ing the file onto the aix box, and then doing
the normal stuff.  No wonder there were problems, eh?

Should have direct access tomorrow.

Thanks again,


Jason Nolan (Transformative/Holistic PhD student)
* Maintaining the OISE student WWW homepage & the Holistic Ed. page
* Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U of T
* Conserv. Council of Ont., Ont. Soc. for Env. Ed., Toronto Freenet (IRC)
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