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Allowing commands from un-logged-in users

Judy Anderson writes:
> -- Removed test that caused commands from disconnected users to be discarded.
>    (Thanks to Nate Massey for asking the question that led to this.)
> Bummer.  Now when I type @recycle #1 by mistake in the midst of
> LambdaLag, I get to just sit back and let fate take its predestined
> course.  I really *have* disconnected in a hurry when I've typed
> something I didn't mean, though it wasn't as disastrous as @recycle #1.

It was once suggested (by KMP, I think) that there be a way in the server to
flush all unprocessed input on your connection.  I could certainly add a new
built-in `.flush' command to do that, but I'm concerned about quoting issues:
what if you really wanted to enter `.flush' as input to a MOO program?  The
problem is that this special command I'd add would have to work at the I/O
level of the server, since by definition it can't wait until its turn comes up
in the user's command queue.




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