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Re: Time zones

>>>>> "Skud" == Kirrily Robert <> writes:

    Skud> Alright, here's my gripe for the day.  A couple of things in
    Skud> the core (espeically in $time_utils, no surprise there) work
    Skud> on Pacific Standard Time, which is all very well for
    Skud> LambdaMOO and so on, but for people on the other side of the
    Skud> world it's a pain in the rear end. I would like to suggest
    Skud> that it is more appropriate to work off local time, as I can
    Skud> see no reason whatsoever that any MOO outside PST would care
    Skud> much what time it was on the west coast of the US, let alone
    Skud> my MOO in Australia! :) Perhaps this is something to
    Skud> consider for future releases.

    Skud> Skud

Actually, given the fact that a player may not have the same local
time the server does, we probably ought to use GMT instead.

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