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Re: escape

player:notify() will send ANY character sequence it gets on to notify(), 
and notify() doesn't care what is in the string it gets.  
(player:notify() can be hacked to do anything you want with the escape 
sequence, so it's not advisble... the escape character in the wrong hands 
can be dangerous.  Use raw notify() instead).

The trick is simply how do you get the escape character into the 
database.  The two most popular ways to do this is to either load it from 
a file via FUP, or use a chr() patch.  Sorry, I don't konw the ftp site 
for such a patch.. when I needed one, I programmed one in about a half an 
hour, since all i had to do was char chr = (char);, check to 
make sure the calling perms are wizardly and ascii 0 or 10 aren't 
selected, and return it.

Or you could wait for 1.8.0alpha5, it looks like it'll be able to do 
that... notify(player, encode_binary(27, "[0m"))?  (Pavel?)  Well, 
something like that should work. :-)


PS:  Thanks, Pavel.. I was just thinking how much I needed a binary data 
type for the BayMOO web server, so it could serve Java opcode :-)

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Erik Namtvedt wrote:

>   question:   how would I send an escape sequence out via player:notify?
>  or is there another way that I dont know of that already does it..
>   dazzed & confused.. and generally out of it... - Erik :)


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