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On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Erik Namtvedt wrote:

>   question:   how would I send an escape sequence out via player:notify?
>  or is there another way that I dont know of that already does it..
>   dazzed & confused.. and generally out of it... - Erik :)
I have created an ANSI system that allows users to easily use color,
underlining, and beeps in their mail, pages, and anything else that is
eventually run through :notify, easily and without specialized verbs to do it.
The system is, as far as I can tell, completely secure because the escape
and beep characters are stored in !r properties and only used by a utility
verb which sends them straight to the notify() built-in.  The system is
mainly composed of 4 objects and is extremely easy to port.  It's about 50K
total, and has a set-up verb to help install itself and make sure everything
works before it's activated.

These codes do, however, cause most verbs to display information strangely
when they try to center or justify text without using $string_utils, but I
have hacked versions of most of the core verbs that I will be putting
somewhere for people to port them.  Right now, the system is used by EnigMOO,
ForestMOO, and a lot of other MOOs who asked me about it but I lost the
address of.  I believe BayMOO was also looking into it, and the SenseMedia
MOOs are also considering using it.

I am currently working on an ANSICore which is a copy of the new LambdaCore
with the ANSI objects, including the escape and beep characters, along with
all of the core verbs that I have fixed to work better with the ANSI system.
I don't know when I will be able to release this, however, because I don't
have access to EnigMOO right now.

By the way, to anyone who is already using my system, the next version to be
released will be 2.1 and I strongly recommend upgrading to it, especially if
you're using anything below 1.6 because of the security problems associated
with versions previous to it.  (If you're using a version below 2.1, you can
what version it is by typing ;$ansi_utils.version)  I will be releasing
information on where to find the newest version shortly after EnigMOO comes
back up.

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