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Re: escape

> I have created an ANSI system that allows users to easily use color,
> underlining, and beeps in their mail, pages, and anything else that is
> eventually run through :notify, easily and without specialized verbs to do it.
> The system is, as far as I can tell, completely secure because the escape
> and beep characters are stored in !r properties and only used by a utility
> verb which sends them straight to the notify() built-in.  The system is
> mainly composed of 4 objects and is extremely easy to port.  It's about 50K
> total, and has a set-up verb to help install itself and make sure everything
> works before it's activated.

We use a similar system on StarMOO. There are a bunch of different tags 
for colors (%blue, %red, %yellow) and intensity (%bold, %norm). The tags 
are parsed in linesplit() in $player:notify(). The linesplit function 
(written in LPC) substitutes the tag for the escape sequence.

> These codes do, however, cause most verbs to display information strangely
> when they try to center or justify text without using $string_utils, but I
> have hacked versions of most of the core verbs that I will be putting
> somewhere for people to port them.  Right now, the system is used by EnigMOO,
> ForestMOO, and a lot of other MOOs who asked me about it but I lost the
> address of.  I believe BayMOO was also looking into it, and the SenseMedia
> MOOs are also considering using it.

We ported the majority of the $string_utils verbs to LPC and modified 
them to strip the tags, it loses some performance (the color) but we gain 
the performance back by having the functions written in LPC.

> I am currently working on an ANSICore which is a copy of the new LambdaCore
> with the ANSI objects, including the escape and beep characters, along with
> all of the core verbs that I have fixed to work better with the ANSI system.
> I don't know when I will be able to release this, however, because I don't
> have access to EnigMOO right now.

Good idea. Hopefully one day LambdaCore will have color support, although 
I doubt it.

(BTW, I'd suggest you come to StarMOO and check it out, but for now the 
site is down)

StarMOO 4088 -- 7777


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