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New MOO-Cows list maintainer?

I need to find someone else to take over maintenance of the MOO-Cows family of
mailing lists.  The job entails

-- setting up and maintaining some sort of mailing-list maintenance software,
   preferably Majordomo, on some site under your control,
-- dealing with the zero to 30 bounced mail messages that arrive each day,
   usually by moving the offending address from the MOO-Cows mailing list to
   the Bounces `pseudo' mailing list,
-- dealing with the one or two messages per week that the software thinks look
   like mis-directed administrative requests, and
-- periodically making new archives of the mailing list traffic available to
   the world at large.

To do this, you need

-- to already know how to operate some sort of mailing-list maintenance
   software, preferably Majordomo, and to have it in up and running on some
   machine that you control,
-- for that machine to have enough CPU, disk, network bandwidth, and
   *stability* to support the operation of moderately large and busy mailing
   lists (400-700 users, 5-50 messages per day),
-- to be prepared to carry out the jobs listed above, and
-- to be sure that you'll continue to have these resources well into the future
   (i.e., at least a year or two).

I am only interested in a *permanent* transfer of ownership of these mailing
lists; I'm not likely to want them back, so make sure that you're really
willing to take on this thankless, tedious, but valuable job for the long term.

If you believe that you are a good candidate for this job, and I haven't scared
you off yet, please reply to this message.  I would like to transfer the job as
soon as possible, certainly within this next couple of weeks or so.

Thanks in advance!


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