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Newbie Alert #2: Keeping the MOO going


Things are going well. I'm now running the Oct94 LambdaMOO db, and
am finding it pretty easy to set up. But, there's one more thing:

To start the moo, I log in to my Linux pc and run the moo executable.
(moo Lambda.db dumplambda.db),
and it goes on its merry way, but is running in the foreground (it
lists what it's doing as people connect and disconnect, etc.) So,
if I log off, the process is killed. How do I keep the MOO running
without the security risk of leaving myself logged on?

Also, if it crashes, how do I restart it without losing all my work?
Do I just use the previous dumplambda db as the startup db?

thanks for any hints you can lend..



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