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callers() from enterfunc in 1.8.0alpha5

Something is seriously wrong with callers() when called from the
:enterfunc verb called by move().  It is returning calls out of order or
omitting them altogether.

For example, upon exiting the editor, the my original location's
enterfunc gets the callers() list:

{{#49, "q", #37, #50, #2}}

Shouldn't move(), and my :moveto be in there too?

When I use @go (from Frand's PC) to teleport into the same room, I get:

{{#2, "teleport", #37, #1847, #2}, {#-1, "move", #-1, #-1, #2}, {#2,
"@go", #37, #1847, #2}}

as the callers() list. (How the heck does move() call me:teleport?) The
correct order of verbs goes me:@go->me:teleport->me:moveto->move(), so
something is definitely wrong here.  I think a callers() problem is
causing the LambdaCore editors to behave abnormally for wizzen as well.
If I type @edit <obj>:<verb>, I'm taken into the editor but the verb is
not loaded.  Same goes for the note editor.  Normal players are

   Brian Buchanan
-= ArchWizard of Digital Wasteland MOO ( 8888) =-

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