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Re: calling -x verbs...

I inadvertantly sent this to Seth I. Rich when i meant to place it here.... Sorry.

>>I'm fairly sure its on the wishlist, but is getting a wiz override of
>>!x verbs possible? ie. making it so that wizperms ignore the x bit?
>>I think this request has been around for a long time...

>Please don't, at least not as a default.

In that case, how about something like:


which calls the verb but bypasses the state of the x perm. ?  An advantage of doing it this way is that any verb you called will not in turn have the ability to call -x verbs unless they too call a force() (or whatever).

From:  Seth I. Rich[]

I feel fairly strongly about this.  The behavior of "what happens when I call obj:verb(args)?" is the same for all users (although they may of course get different results).  I don't think that .wizard==1 should change this; I think my wizardly commands should do the same thing as everyone else.

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